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WZone Badges / Flags

Now it is possible to display badges over the product image thumbnail: “On Sale”, “Free Shipping”, “New”, “Amazon Prime”


Put a "NEW" label on products that were imported less than 24 hours ago.

Free Shipping

Now you can display an appropriate badge for the Amazon products that are on sale.


Put "On Sale" badge to all products that have discounts.

Prime Ready

If the imported products are Prime Ready then you could mark them with a corresponding badge as well.

Amazon Coupons

Improve your sales by using coupons provided by Amazon. Now you can display information about coupons even on top of already discounted price. Coupons could improve visibility of the items in your store, reward existing customers and improve overall performance of the shop.


The coupons are automatically imported with the amazon products.

View Coupon

You can see the coupons, their value & info on how to use them. Coupons are applied on the checkout page on Amazon

Amazon Product Synchronization without PA API Keys

Synchronize the products easily without using Product Advertising Keys

Import Products without any PA API Keys

WooZone allows importing products from Amazon without using API or any Product Advertising Keys!​

Products in posts

WooZone provides shortcodes that can be used in order to display your store items inside the WordPress posts, pages or any custom types of text content. Choose what specific product you want to display in the blog post.

GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation)

On 25 May, EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) requires asking visitors about ability to store cookies in their browser. WZone considers this requirement and allows blocking cookie storing if such option is chosen.

WZone Dropshipping

WZone comes with a NEW Outstanding Feature, Amazon Dropshipping!

Decide the Retail Price on your own

Automatically add a custom tax on each product - fixed or variable

Save time and money!

You do not need to maintain a warehouse, manage stock and care about the shipping.

Products Diversity

Easily switch merchandise if your products don’t convert!

Flexible location

You can sell products from anywhere! Since the supplier does the shipping of the products!

Visible results - Immediate profit!

This type of business does not require much investment, and it can bring you profits up to 100%!

Easy to use - from technical to visual point of view

Worried about mathematical calculations? Oh no, if I put a 10% tax on a 11.23 product what’s the profit for me?!!!

Flexible location

You might encounter a situation where after adding the Dropshipping tax, the prices will look funny like - 17.31$, or if you wish to display prices like 18.99$

Visible results - Immediate profit!

Don't worry about Amazon changing prices, if you activate the Synchronisation module, prices will be synchronised with Amazon's.

Order Products on Amazon

On each order you will find the products availability, on what amazon website is available and also keep track of the products ordered on amazon, by giving them statuses like - New, Processing or Completed.

WZone Cross-Selling

You can now show the following badges on the product details page (over product thumbnail image): New, On Sale, Free Shipping, Amazon Prime

Enable Cross-Selling

Choose to enable or disable the Cross-Selling feature.

Variable Products

If the Products from the Cross-Sell Box are variable, you can choose which variation to display: the first variation, the lowest price variation or the highest price variation.

How many products to display?

Setup how many products to display on the Cross-Selling box.

Custom Design

You might have noticed that on your theme the box looks different, that's because the theme is not 100% with WooZone, We recommend using Kingdom Theme 🙂

Amazon Remote Images

Improve the performance of your website adopting the feature of the cistributed data centers. Amazon uses content distribution networks allowing serving static content from the servers that are situated geographically closer to the visitor who is browsing your store. As a result such assets as images are being loaded significantly faster improving overall experience of browsing.

Enable Amazon Remote Images

You can enable this option in Amazon Config allowing the plugin to use the images stored on Amazon CDN (content distribution networks)

Download Images

You can also download images from Amazon, but please take in consideration that this is not according to Amazon TOS and they will probably close your affiliate account.

WZone String Translation

You can easily translate WooZone's frontend texts, by going to the String Translation tab in Amazon Config.

Products Import Setup

As you know, Amazon products have attributes. You can choose to import them, choose what type of attributes to import and of course beautify attributes!

Amazon Recommendations

This module enables you to drive recommendations based on a key phrase.

Speed Optimization

Using the Speed Optimization Module, you will improve your website’s speed dramatically!


Happy clients





WZone Product Availability

We developed a new Component that verifies if a product is available on all the Affiliate Programs you’ve signed up for.

That way, your customers will know for sure if, for example, a product is available in US and Canada as well.

Where to display

Choose to display the Product Availability box in the following positions: Before Add to Cart Button, As WooCommerce Tab, Before WooCommerce Tabs, Before Product Title

Display on Cart?

Choose to display the Product Availability box in the Cart Page as well. This way, your customers will know for sure if a product is available before checking out.

Custom Design

You might have noticed that on your theme the box looks different, that's because the theme is not 100% with WooZone, We recommend using Kingdom Theme 🙂

Country Flags as Links?

You can setup to have the flags as links or not. This is a useful feature.

Amazon Setup

WZone works with all the associates programs – United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Japan, Canada, China, India, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Brazil & Australia (NEW)


Also, you can setup a custom Import location, from where to import Amazon Products.

View Coupon

Make sure you setup the main affiliate ID also, if you use the localization feature, if a user is not near any amazon location, he will be redirected to the one you setup as main affiliate ID.

Bitly Module – Product Short URL

Why did we develop this module? Well, as you might know, you don’t have too many options when comes to view statistics about the amazon products you imported.

Amazon Reviews

Amazon Customer Reviews are automatically imported if they are available on Amazon. You can choose not to display them if you wish.

WZone Reports

Using the Report Module you can keep track of the product imported manually or auto imported, check how many products were synchronized and some useful stats on products - views, how many were added to cart and amazon redirects!

Amazon Debug Console

Using the Amazon Debug Console module you can see the exact response that comes from Amazon when you try to import a product. This tool is very useful to debug.

How WZone works?

Take a look at WZone, a WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates WordPress Plugin!

WooZone Cronjobs

This is a very easy to understand module. You have a list with WZone’s Custom Cron Jobs.
Mainly they are used for the Auto Import Module and the Synchronization module.

Hook Name

You can easily identify a cron by
its hook name.

Status / Duration

For each cron you have a status & duration column. There you can see if it's Done or it gave an error and how long it took.

Next / Last Run

You can also check when the cron will run next or when it last ran.

Reinitialize Crons

You can also check when the cron will run next or when it last ran.If you have any issues with any of the Crons, you can simply Reinitialize them, it's a like a Reset button.

Products Stats

Using the Products stats you can easily see statistics for the imported products from Amazon. You can see the most popular products, how many hits they had, how many redirections to amazon and how many times were added to cart!

This is very useful to prevent cart abandonment and to see what products are more popular!

Nb. of products

You can see how many products you have imported

Top Performing

See the most popular products imported from Amazon


Check conversions! See how many products were added to cart & redirected to Amazon!

On-Site Cart / Direct Checkout

We have some Amazing features, the on-site cart / direct checkout options. Using them, your customers can add Amazon products to cart and checkout with multiple items at a time! That means more commissions for you!

WooZone Direct Import

WooZone 10.0.0 comes with a game changing feature! The possibility to Direct Import Products straight from Amazon into your website without the necessity of having PA API keys! Yes you read that right!


Using the synchronization module you can synchronize products and also keep track if the Amazon products were synced, and when.

Insane Import Mode

Let’s talk about the Insane Import Mode. How does it work? It allows you to search for products that are on Amazon, and import them in 3 different ways.

Server Status

In the Server Status Module you can find the following infos: Active Modules, Plugin Integrity, Amazon Settings, WooCommerce Dependencies, Environment, Amazon Import settings & More

Active Modules

Here you can see what modules from WZone are Active.

Amazon Settings

In the Amazon Settings you can see the keys that you are using, the location from where you import the products & your affiliate ids

WooCommerce Dependencies

WooZone requires that you have installed the mandatory Cart & Checkout Pages. Here you can easily verify if they are installed.

Plugin Integrity

The plugin integrity checks if the plugin's database is installed correctly.


This is an important section, here you can see some Server important infos like PHP & MySQL versions, what's your server memory limit, if you have SOAP Installed on your server & so on

Installed Plugins

You can also see what plugins you have installed on your wordpress install.

Auto Spin Content

Say goodbye to manually editing products content from Amazon!

Using the Automated Content Spinner all you have to do is Setup to Spin the Content as you Import Amazon Products, and how many replacements to have in the content.

Spin On Import

Setup to spin the content on import, or you can do it manually for each product after you import them! You also have the possibility to select for each word the Synonym from our Thesaurus Database.

Changed your mind?

Don't worry! The module has a rollback option!

Max Replacements

You can choose to replace up to all possible replacements in the product content! We do recommend to use a maximum of 20 replacements for having
relevant content.

Available Thesaurus

As thesaurus we have available the following languages : English (amazon.com , amazon,co.uk, amazon.ca), France (amazon.fr), Spain (amazon.es)

Auto Import Amazon Products

Say goodbye to manually adding products from Amazon! Again!

Using the Search for Product mode , you’ll just need to set a keyword, the product’s Department and set up how many pages to import and click on the Add Search to Schedule button!

CSV Import Also!

If you have a big ASINS list, you can add it to the Auto import as well! Simply add ASINS, Add them to the Queue and on Product Import type Setup Asynchronuous products import!

Grab Products

This option applies to the Grab Products mode!

Auto Import Queue

You can also check when the cron will run next or when it last ran.In the Auto Import Queue module, you will see a list with all the products that were autoimported, its Status, when it was Imported and the possibility to Delete It.

Auto Import Search

On the Auto Import Search Module you will see some Stats on each Search Queue you added to the Auto Import, how many products were imported on each Queue & more.

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